Mindful Awards’ independent recognition platform highlights conscious companies and products that mindfully make waves in the ever-expanding world of consumer packaged goods (CPG)

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Mission of Mindful Awards

We honor conscious CPG companies and products that standup for what’s right. Recognizing the best in transparent, fair, natural, organic, sustainable, healthy and delicious. We support you and want to help you continue to succeed.

Amplify Your Goals

Conscious companies take passion, creativity and hard work and deserve industry recognition and third-party validation. Mindful Awards help you amplify business results and positive change. Your success is a success for us all!

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Winners are listed on the Mindful Awards website and promoted heavily among the Mindful Award communities. Winners have the opportunity to publicize their awards at tradeshows and events, through news releases to key media and journalists, on their own websites, social media and elsewhere.

Being Mindful Matters

We see being mindful as taking action in a positive direction for people and planet. Transparency to consumers, paying workers fair wages, ensuring sustainable business practices, using recycled or recyclable materials, creating healthier products, using natural, non-GMO, or organic ingredients…What we do every day sets us all up for the future. Are you ready to be recognized for your work?

Trillion dollars estimated market size by 2031*


annual industry growth rate



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Top CPG Macro Trends for 2024


Consumer expectations and preference to buy from DTC brands are at an all-time high, with 23% of shoppers claiming DTC channels offer better quality products. And 61% of consumers also believe DTC companies provide the best personalized and engaging digital experiences compared to marketplaces and third-party channels.

Value is a virtue

Shoppers have become more open to private label brands and often prefer these over established brands for many reasons. Without the marketing costs usually put behind branded products, private label brands have the potential to be on-trend, affordable, competitive, and rapidly adopted across major retailers.

Social commerce

Social commerce offers the chance to get specific, ready-to-buy products in front of specific people who would love them, in a way that traditional eCommerce and marketing cannot.”


The boundaries of wellness offerings are becoming less distinct as consumers seek products and services that can address needs across several dimensions, such as mental health, fitness, nutrition, and appearance.

Upcycled products on the rise as industry aims to cut food waste

Consumers are increasingly aware of food waste and swayed by sustainability claims on products. More companies are beginning to use product launches to signal a commitment to lowering the amount of food that does not get sold.

CPGs look to lower carbon emissions through products

In order to achieve goals for reducing the carbon footprint of their supply chains, companies are launching products that they claim compensate for the greenhouse gases they emit.


Innovation is key to growth, building upon what brands represents and their core essence

Mulit-level Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a must to reach new consumers and strength brand exposure and loyalty.

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